Missing Classmates

The list of names below are of those that have yet to join our website for any number of reasons, such as they:

  • are unaware of the Class website. (if you know someone on this list suggest they join up)
  • perhaps don't have a computer. (use your computer to sign them in) (see e-mail note below)
  • may have a computer but are not comfortable using it. (be a buddy and help them)
  • moved and the address we have for them is not correct. (have them send the new address)
  • may have passed on and we don't know it.  (please forward that information)
  • just don't want to take part. (stamp your feet and insist they join up)

If you see a classmate on this list that you are close to and they do not have their profile completed please help them do so. 

There are many people without a computer and some that have one are puzzled on how to actually use it..... so either help them or do it for them. 

If they don't have an e-mail address please insert "notmissing" in that field and fill in the rest of the information.

Please send any and all information or corrections to John Leahy.

It is our goal to have our membership 100% correct and all 'mates accounted for so that we are able to contact EVERY CLASSMATE either by e-mail or snail mail to let them know that we are going to celebrate our 55th Class Reunion in 2016.

Your help is not only appreciated it will earn you extra credit  to help you pass this Website Class, there will be no test ! 

Susan Benson (Malette)
George Brown
Judy Bushnell (Hiduchick)
Gloria Coverly (Meyer)
Carleen Crummett
Mary Daley (Shirley)
Ellen Donovan (Fraize)
Richard Giordano
Kathy Higgins (Brown)
Fred Joyce
Phyllis Morley (Townes)
Ellyn Murch (Morrison)
Patricia Noble (Polomarenko)
Modris Ozolins
Mike Pereillo
Beverly Roger (Parker)
David Selent
Paul Sherman
Emil Tero
David Thurston
Wayne Woodside